Richmond Club IndexTSX Venture
S&P 500
Theoretical Richmond
Fund 1% MER
Berkshire Hathaway
Celebrating its 19th year of helping its members
outperform the market

In July 2005, the Richmond Club appointed Greg Beckett who is currently a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) with Beckett Wealth Management Inc., to be solely responsible for doing the research and stock selecting for the Richmond Cub Index. The companies that Greg selects for the index are a result of a three step process:

  1. Top-down analysis,
  2. Bottom-up analysis and,
  3. CEO interviews for those companies who made it?through the first two screens.

The Richmond Club is celebrating its 16th year of helping its members profit from undervalued companies with excellent growth potential. Richmond Club members are a mix of investment advisors, fund managers, analysts and members of the media.

Index rules:

  1. Each company is added to the index on the first rebalancing day after Greg selects them. They remain there for twelve months +/- twenty business days at which point they are removed. Technical analysis is used to determine which of the last forty days the company will be removed on.
  2. The index is re-balanced each month on the day that Greg removes a company. For those months that no companies are removed, the index is rebalanced on the last business day of the month. All companies are equally weighted.