The Richmond Club is celebrating its 16th year of helping its members outperform the market by providing them with ongoing information about the undervalued companies with excellent growth potential that Greg Beckett, CIM, FCSI has selected for the Richmond Index. To be invited to future luncheon events and to receive a link to the latest CEO presentations CLICK HERE for a free membership

To be selected for inclusion in the Richmond Index, a stock must have high growth potential and be undervalued as a result of a lack of investor exposure. These stocks tend to rise to their fair market value as a result of the investor exposure that Richmond Index listed companies receive through the internet, and Richmond Club luncheon events.   The Richmond Club members are a mix of investment advisors, fund managers, accredited investors, analysts and members of the media.

The Richmond Club
Richmond Club employees may or may not own shares of the companies that are showcased by the Richmond Club
The Richmond Club Index has achieved 18.04 annualized performance since its inception in July 2005
Richmond Club Index
TSX Venture
S&P 500
Notional Richmond Fund-2% MER
Berkshire Hathaway

18.04 %
-11.00 %
4.40 %
10.02 %
7.86 %